A series of core values underpin the Mantis Insight approach. These define how psychological and consulting expertise is applied, and become the hallmark of your experience.



Courage.  If you really want to improve business performance and drive change, courageous questioning and a positive, possibly even a disruptive approach, are needed. Developing strong, supportive partnerships with you are critical for allowing this to happen.


Empathy. People need a safe, supportive and confidential space to explore themselves, or the team and culture they exist within, but cannot develop without targeted, incisive and honest insights. We strive for candid interactions delivered with integrity and respect.


Pragmatism. Leadership concepts and advice only add value when translated into plain speaking, meaningful and performance value adding actions for individuals, teams and businesses. Business needs lie at the root of every interaction.


Autonomy. Capability is developed through collaboration and design of processes or tools that clients can own and drive, or individually through giving the advice that creates and allows for personal ownership. Interventions are only effective when they sustain without the experts.


Depth. Psychological insights need to drive gritty, rich conversations about careers and futures. Your prize people are best understood and served when they are more than a set of metrics. Getting to know your context in depth – strategy through to individual issues – enables objective, rich advice.