Mantis Insight works with clients to answer questions that have included:


How can we make sure this new hire is successful?

Is talent management
working here?

How can we capture the DNA of our organisation and recruit for it?

Could this individual ever reach the Global Executive?

This team get on, but how can they better serve stakeholders?

How can we differentiate and choose between these two candidates?

From psychologically profiling the best fit candidate for a role, developing more cohesive and aligned teams, through to reviewing the effectiveness of your talent management processes, Mantis Insight can help.


Executive Assessment

Executive assessment is more than a rubber stamp in decision-making. Used in the right way, it is transformative for the individual and of immense value to an organisation as part of a range of HR practices where the cost of getting it wrong is so high. A deep psychological assessment can act to make leaders more successful through identifying hidden strength, managing derailers, and helping people give of their best in ways they had not considered before. The process of having a searching discussion with a trained professional can kick start reflection, awaken hidden ambition, and help a person engage with their environment in the most productive way. In turn the organisation understands how best to select the right candidate, onboard them, appeal to their motivators and preferences, and develop them throughout their career.

Used for executive selection, individual development, promotion, succession planning, and talent management, psychological profiling can take place in a 1:1 context or in an assessment centre format.

Mantis Insight also offers a responsive, out of hours 24 hour turnaround service for high stake, senior hires.


Talent Management

From emerging through to established talent, the quiet heroes in organisations, through to the outwardly ambitious achievers, can go underappreciated, undiscovered and therefore undeveloped. In the end, these individuals vote with their feet at huge cost to the company they leave behind, and often to considerable competitor advantage. Developing a clear Talent Strategy, then  established models for what constitutes potential in your context, combined with clearly articulated processes to identify and develop people with those characteristics, is the secret to successful retention and succession planning for valued employees. 

Mantis Insight can help through: sharing best practise knowledge, reviewing effectiveness of current practices, development of frameworks, through to use of individual profiling  or leadership development centres, amongst other approaches, to bring on the capability of key individuals.


Team Effectiveness

Achieving a high performing team, both in terms of its internally and externally facing dynamic, is a tall challenge. Often individuals in complex, global organisation are bunched together and called a ‘team’ yet have no sense of shared purpose or value add. They can fail to draw upon potential capability or end up working against one another. Failure to address conflict, or indeed collusion around lack of constructive challenge, is common. Additionally, teams can have a sense of being well-oiled and fun within the team yet be ineffective in the way they service the needs of stakeholders.

Mantis Insight works with teams to: define overarching team purpose and values; diagnose the way they work, think and behave, and how that relates to the needs of team members and critically the team’s stakeholders; extend individual insight into a team development context; and, help develop productive ways of working collectively.


Executive Coaching

Coaching is a proven method for supporting executives in their delivery of great performance and to help them realise their potential. An experienced coach can provide invaluable support, helping an individual prioritise and plan action, bring to the fore issues they may not have considered, and address behavioural blockers to success. This becomes particularly important when such senior individuals go through big changes, be it a significantly changed role, a promotion, joining a new organisation, or simply support during a time of personal crisis.

Directly linking to our value of autonomy, Mantis Insight practices targeted, time-bound and performance led executive coaching. Drawing upon proven psychological techniques for behavioural change, coaching is delivered to agreed objectives. Coachees are pushed to define the organisational outcomes they commit to achieving and agree to report back on. Relevant personal issues are identified and explored in a highly confidential space.


Organisation Effectiveness

Change is an everyday feature of organisations in today’s world. Often the focus for Organisation Effectiveness work derives from an acquisition, restructure or other similar event. Too often employees feel like a cog in a wheel, doing a job divorced from the activity of its leaders, and subject to needless turmoil.  This creates cynicism, stress and burnout. Realistically diagnosing the culture already in play, and the underlying assumptions that shaped that, is a first step towards change. Articulating your vision, then developing supporting values, leadership and required employee behaviours to deliver upon that vision, is critical for making work meaningful and making these events successful.

Mantis Insight focuses on those aspects of Organisation Effectiveness that are humanistic. These relate to talent strategy and development, employee engagement, supporting leadership frameworks, and broader vision and purpose.